Modern Jive Dance Competition Standings October 19th

Modern Jive Dance Competition to Win an iPod Touch – Racking Up those Dances at Jive Freestyle!

Super turnout at Modern Jive on Wednesday! And that meant plenty of opportunities to dance after the lesson in our regular freestyle!  It was truly awesome to see everyone dancing! The dance tallies are growing in the modern jive freestyle dance competition and here are the highlights.

Justin led on Wednesday by adding 10 dances bringing his total number of dances to 47. Matt added 9 and is only 6 dances away from catching up Justin, Nicky also added 9 dances, maintaining her comfortable lead. Harry added 8 dances and is one dance ahead of Matt!  Justin, Matt and Harry are all very close in dances now… and several dances ahead of Loong who has lots of work to do to catch up.It’s going to get interesting.

Oooh! What’s going to happen on the dance floor this week? We have our regular fun class AND it’s our monthly social on Saturday October 29th! The social is where we can get a ton of dances in, can’t wait to see what happens. And remember, all contestants can take advantage of the “Non-certified” non modern jive dance event rule.

In total for this competition we’ve already clocked up over 200 dances! Way to go everyone! To all our students, thanks for all the dances, fun and smiles! See you on the dance floor.

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Modern Jive Dance Competition Leader Board October 19th

iPod Touch Dance Competition October 19th Leader Board


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