Modern Jive Dance iPod Touch Contest Standings November 26 2011

It’s been a busy week for dancing and of course the modern jive freestyle dance contest to win an iPod Touch – with the second prize at $50 Gift certificate. So what’s the latest? Some major milestones for starters. With last week being the week of our modern jive social we had the opportunity to clock up a fair number of dances in our freestyles.

Justin added 11 dances and has now crossed the 100 dances milestone. Congrats Justin!  Harry now has 117 dances under his belt.  Matt added 10 dances and this week will have done over 80 dances and Loong added 15 dances at the modern jive dance social on Saturday November 26th.  Nicky kept her lead… though she didn’t add very many in class at the social she managed to get in 20 dances – how’s that for determination?

Together we have now danced 488 modern jive freestyle dances – and dancing with everyone has been awesome!

The ipod Touch modern jive dance contest ends on Wednesday November 30th – we’ll be announcing the winner in Wednesday’s class so be there to hear it all!

See you for more fun and games at modern jive on Wednesday November 30th!

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