All the Dancing in Modern Jive – Dance With Me on Pinterest

I recently discovered Pinterest. It’s rather like a visual pinboard where you can pin up  images of things that inspire you.

Modern Jive - The ManhattanBeing inspired by dancing – and especially Modern Jive dancing – I set about creating several boards. My favourite is Dance With Me and it’s a collection of images I find very inspiring, from all over the web. From dance dresses to dance moves and trendy dance classes,  I’ve managed to find images on the web to add my collection of what inspires me.

And as I collected dance images with Mambo, Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Swing etc, I realized something huge, something that I’ve pretty much always known and which was echoed by one of my Twitter followers today.

We do elements of ALL these dances at a Modern Jive dance class and social night out.  Modern Jive is so versatile that it borrows from all these dances, from the sexy Tango, to famous Rogers and Astaire dance moves, to sultry salsa to Ballroom. Unlike most of these dances though, Modern Jive is far easier to learn, can be danced to any music, can be danced anywhere, looks cool and does not require you to complete levels to get good at it.  Basically it’s great fun and a marvellous way to keep fit and meet lots of amazing people..

Here’s what people around the world have said about Modern Jive:

“Chic, Sexy and good clean fun” (The London Times) Modern Jive (also known as Ceroc, Leroc and LeJive) is a partner dance based on Jive and Salsa. It’s fun, stylish, easy to learn and can be danced to almost any type of music, so you can feel at home jiving in a nightclub, at a wedding, a party, anywhere!

“Serious Fun!” (The New Zealand Herald)Why don’t you come along for an evening of fun? It’s a great way to meet new people! You can turn up at any time. We will always be glad for you to join us.

Sexy, spunky and heaps of fun, Modern Jive is the hottest thing we’ve seen in years! (New Zealand Girl)We dance to all types of music. Chart Hits, Disco, Latin, Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm’n’Blues, Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Salsa etc.. We’re sure to be playing your favourite music.

“The only sociable way we know to keep fit” (FHM Magazine)You don’t need to book a place at a class, simply turn up on the night and enjoy the evening. You don’t need to bring a partner, we ensure that everyone mixes, so come by yourself or with friends and you’re sure to have fun in a relaxed and social environment.

“Possibly the most fun you can have mid-week” (Time Out Magazine)You don’t need to be able to dance as we provide simple dance instruction which anyone can follow.

“Exciting & stylish and keeps you fit!!” (The Australian) Quite simply, it is a dance for any occasion and what’s more it looks brilliant!

While swing and all the other dances are probably better known in North America, there’s a growing community of dancers who meet for their weekly fix of modern jive dance classes and social parties every week. And we are very excited. I’ve tried the gym and everything in between… and I honestly haven’t found a more fun or more social way to keep fit than modern jive.

So Dance With Me. It’s all in Modern Jive. Check out Pinterest as well.

With thanks to our M-Jive friends in Munich for the collection of quotes.

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