Modern Jive Beginners Dance Review – The Basket

Walk Through Modern Jive Dance: The Basket

Here’s a short review of the Basket with Matt and Nicky doing a walkthrough. We taught this move very recently in ourJive Nation Toronto Dance classes dance class.  Once you know how to dance the Basket there are many variations you can do from it, for example Basket Walks, Basket Caress, Basket Veils and more. It’s important to learn the basic basket first in modern jive. It’s one of the coolest modern jive dance moves there is, it looks elegant and, done well it looks accomplished even if you are new to modern jive dancing. The Basket is also a great beginner move to let the ladies shine – ladies can strike a little pose as they do the Sway part of this move.

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For leads it can take a little practice to get this dance move right. They key is ensuring you lead the lady well and ensure you pull back on her right hip so she steps back on that right foot into the Sway. Without leading the lady from her right hip once she is side by side (so she steps back on her right foot) leads will find it difficult to execute the move properly. Don’t yank or shove your partner when leading her forward, simply use the pressure of your forearm to nudge her forward as you unwind her.

If you’ve been attending our dance classes you’ll know you get lots of opportunity to practice – including with the teachers. If you ever have questions on any of our dance moves just ask us in class! We’re happy to help.

Watch the video, try it in class.

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