A Great Beginners Intensive – Well Done Modern Jive Dancers!

Have to say a great big thank you to all the modern jive dancers and well done to everyone who joined us for our November 17th Intensive Beginners Modern Jive Dance Workshop! What a great group you were. Well done on working so hard learning more than twelve beginner modern jive dance moves in three dance routines – that’s more than a regular dance class and everyone did very well.

Learn to Dance in a Day Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop Group

Intensive Beginners Modern Jive November 17th – Awesome Group

We had a great turnout and it’s especially wonderful to see many men attend the Intensive Beginners dance workshop, because so often the guys are under represented on the dance floor (though not at modern jive, we are very fortunate to have a good balance of ladies and gentlemen).  Well done everyone!

If you’re scratching your head, feeling you’ve forgotten what you learned on Saturday, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Rest assured that you have retained what you learned,  and you have learned the basics of leading and following and how to do some simple routines that look great, even in the short time at the Saturday dance class. In fact you have learned more in one afternoon than many people have in 3 weeks. However, as with any skill  it takes repetition and practice to make it “stick” and for it to become second nature. It really does get easier with time, so now you’ve started, don’t stop!

By now you will have received your private link to the video of Matt and Nicky teaching the different routines you learned. Review the video (leads practice with a piece of string tied to a door handle if you don’t have anyone to practice with), write down the moves and instructions. New dancers to Jive Nation Toronto – take advantage of your free class offer to attend a weekly Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive dance class in the next few weeks – you will find that it’s easier than you might think because you’ve got the basics – you might be amazed. Going to a  regular class will help embed what you learned at the Beginners Intensive. You will also have many people to dance with to practice too.

Modern Jive dancing is about having fun!

We hope to see you in class or at one of our upcoming events whenever you can make it.