Modern Jive Dance Classes in Toronto

Jive Nation Toronto launched modern jive dance classes, workshops and parties in Toronto in response to the need for accessible social partner dancing you could learn easily and do anywhere to almost any music.  Modern Jive is huge in the UK,  New Zealand and Australia and we’re especially thrilled to now have modern jive dancing in Toronto.

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At Jive Nation Toronto our mission is simple.

  • To give you some of the best dance nights out and an unforgettable dancing experience you will want to have again and again…
  • To you into a confident dancer – fast, even if you haven’t danced before…
  • And to transform your social life through dancing through our dance classes and regular dance socials where you’ll get to practice your new-found dancing skills, grow in dancing confidence and make new friends.

Whatever your dancing goals we’re here to help you achieve them and to ensure you feel at home when you come to our modern jive dance classes.

If you’ve never considered yourself a dancer and yet would love to be able to take to the dance floor socially or just for fun, or you’d like to take your first steps into partner dancing, you would like to learn to dance, or would want more confidence on and off the dance floor –  you will find our modern jive dance classes will help you achieve all your goals and  more.

Modern Jive is also an excellent way to meet other people  socially and it can broaden your social circle in a matter of months. This makes it great for singletons – ladies and men alike.

You’ll feel right at home and in no time at all you’ll experience how much fun learning to dance can be.

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