Our Team

Meet the Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive crew:
Matt – Our multi-talented Teacher who loves to create cool-looking modern jive move combinations…
Stephanie – Our demo –  who makes any modern jive beginner feel like a great dancer…

Harry – our support and Teacher in training

Nicky – The Leader who’s inspired by the fun, and freedom of  modern jive just about every day and is excited to be making modern jive partner dancing more accessible to anyone who would love to dance.

Our taxi dancers  (experienced volunteer dancers) are also available to dance with beginners and improver dancers alike to help make your dance experience special every single class.

Catch us dancing and teaching in our videos and at our dance socials…better still, come out and join us at our growing modern jive dance parties and events. We’re a friendly bunch of people who just love to dance, love the freedom of modern jive and love to share the fun with others.

Our mission is to make your dancing experience enjoyable, fun and the best ever. We’re approachable and friendly – and we look forward to meeting you!