Class Update January 29 - Modern Jive Weekly Classes on hiatus
Students and clients, thank you for your patience. Due to venue unavailability and other factors and after much consideration we have taken the tough decision to put our weekly classes on hiatus for the time being. We may review this in the Fall. For more details and for what to do if you recently bought vouchers please read this link. Thank you, The Jive Nation Toronto Team

Beginners Dance Workshop – Learn To Dance in a Day

Afternoon Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop to Boost Your Dancing Confidence Fast!

Learn to Dance in a Day Modern Jive Dance Workshop November 2011

Awesome beginner group and a wonderful time!

If you know how to dance, the world opens up. Not only are you confident on any dance floor, you will find friends and colleagues alike will admire you and wish they had your skill.

Why do you think “Dancing With the Stars” is so popular?

Want to learn to dance confidently?

Have you started Modern Jive dance classes and want to cement what you’ve learned?

Or maybe you’d just like to learn to dance for your next party, wedding or social event?

Then attend Learn to Dance in a Day Intensive Beginners Modern Jive Dance Workshop in Toronto

Next Beginner Intensive Workshop:  Saturday April 20th 2013

Where: Delta Chelsea Hotel, Downtown Toronto

No  dance experience or partner required

This very popular Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop condenses weeks of modern jive dance classes into just one 4-hour dance class so you become confident on the dance floor fast – even if you’ve never danced before.

In just 4 hours you will:

  • Learn lots of basic beginner Modern Jive dance moves
  • Learn how to transition between moves
  • Learn simple yet sophisticated dance routines  you can easily recreate on the dance floor
  • Get lots of quality repetition and practice, the key to dancing confidence

Even if you’ve never danced before this fun, small group modern jive dance workshop is highly recommended.  You will finish the day able to dance some simple, yet sophisticated modern jive beginner dance routines quite competently. And with our free dance class workshop package you have a another great opportunity to cement what you learned in the workshop.

Leading from the front, our expert teacher will walk you through the moves one step at a time, breaking routines into easy to remember sections you can easily recreate on the dance floor or your next dance class. Dance Workshop registration is now OPEN!

Eventbrite - Learn to Dance in a Day: Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop Saturday March 23rd at 1pm to 5pm

Jive Nation Toronto Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop FAQ

We run Learn to Dance in a Day, Toronto’s fast track modern jive dance workshop, using the intensive Jive Nation  method for fast-tracking beginner dancers up to a confident level of dancing in one day. The Intensive is similar to our modern jive dance classes, however with differences – it’s a smaller group of people and in general you get more individual attention than in our larger group dance classes.  We get asked many questions about our Intensive Beginners dance workshop, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Can I come alone? Is everyone coming as a couple?

A lot of people come along to the dance workshop solo – we try to keep the numbers of men and women roughly balanced, so please let us know if you have invited a friend! You will meet everyone very quickly – the group size is usually about 6 men and 6 women, and we change dance partners every 5 minutes or so. Attendees love this!

2. What is Modern Jive?

You will be learning Modern Jive using the Jive Nation method – we focus on modern music (pop music) and sophisticated but simple partner dance moves – it’s almost always to 4/4 time pop music. This is NOT ballroom jive, or old style rock’n’roll or salsa or swing or “the Jive” – it’s a simple, smooth modern version of all the best parts, simple and fun to learn.

The Jive Nation dance teaching method is about total immersion and LOTS of quality repetition during the 4-hour beginners’ intensive dance workshop,  ideally followed by a 6- class unlimited evening pass to cement your dance skills, build your confidence AND meet loads of wonderful people.

3. What are the multi-class packages you offer? Our Toronto modern jive dance class package is FANTASTIC value and gives you access to our  weekly modern jive dance class (see for venue).

There is ALSO an 8 visit casual pass that has a year’s expiry, for those of you who can’t attend week night classes each week – you can spread out your visits over time, pick and choose to suit your own timetable.

5. What should I wear?

Just wear something you feel comfortable in, such as: Jeans / shorts /casual dress / t shirt /pants/trousers – you will find we’re pretty casual. It’s a fun, physical practice workshop so there’s no need for formal dress.

6. What shoes do I need?

Smooth soled trainers or leather soled shoes work well for the first few months. After a few months, if you are TOTALLY loving it (and you will!) then consider investing in a nice pair of dance shoes from one of our recommended stores, or online dance shoe sellers – ask Nicky if you’d like some recommendations.

7. What are the costs and savings for the modern jive dance workshop and dance class options?

$15 – Casual evening pass (class and freestyle social) usually $17
$95  – 8 class pass
$58 – 4 class pass
$59 – Saturday Beginners Intensive Dance Workshop
$100 – Saturday Beginners Intensive Workshop -  two people/bring a friend option

8. Can I repeat the Saturday Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop?

9. Do we change partners in the course?

Yes, we change partners every 4 or 5 minutes – this is the fastest way to get everyone up to speed, PLUS you get to meet so many more fabulous people.

10. How often do you hold the Saturday Intensive beginners session?

We currently run our Intensive Beginners Modern Jive dance Workshop 3 times a year however check the website for latest dates and updates.

11. Should I bring food or drink?

We usually provide some water and fresh fruit snacks, however 4 hours is a marathon, so make sure you have lunch beforehand. You can also arrive early and have a bite to eat – the Monarch’s Pub has a full bar service.

12. What if I’ve never done ANY kind of dancing before? What if I’m a complete beginner?

No worries. Just jump in, don’t be scared. We will teach you, and you will fly through with confidence. Just come along!

13. Can I invite a friend?

Please do! They can pay on the day – however please email me so I know how many people to expect and if you are bringing a friend please bring someone of the opposite sex to help us balance the numbers of women/men.

14. What will I learn?

The rhythm and basic footwork for 4/4 modern jive dancing, to upbeat modern pop music – plus about 12-14 moves and links to put together and MASTER several fun and fabulous dance routines with all the partners in the room. It’s a HUGE confidence builder – just go for it!

16. I’ve danced a bit before – Is Modern Jive the same as Salsa or Ballroom?

Modern Jive is  a little like salsa meets hip-hop meets jive in a very trendy fusion that’s easier than all of them! There are some similar elements with regard to leading and following – however the timing of Jive Nation Toronto modern jive is different to all of these – we use a 4/4/ box step repeating pattern – its as simple as you can make it – we don’t use ballroom jive or swing triple steps, we don’t use the salsa footwork count, and we don’t use the UK Ceroc single back step or semi-circle to the right – our dance steps are much simpler than all of these. You will love it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up.

17. What sort of music will we be dancing to?

We keep our music very modern and upbeat, all Top 40 – chart and pop music that you hear on the radio and at good nightclubs and parties.

Read  some feedback from our past attendees.

“Hi Nicky, Matt and Stephanie,
I thank you very much for the wonderful experience yesterday! Now I believe that there’s hope for me. That was intensive alright and I’m so glad I registered. I was sore all over last night but I felt good about it. I will surely share my experience to my friends who may be interested in learning jive. I will  try to come and use my complementary sessions, depending on my schedule. Just like I told Matt, ‘it’ was worth the wait. I was just glad that Matt had recovered from his illness. He is a very good instructor and with you and Stephanie and also Nan, Harry and Anthony, the dancing experience was great indeed.  I will look forward to learning about your upcoming events. Thanks again, and it’s been a pleasure knowing you all’. E.F.


“Loved the Workshop Training! It really does set you up with the basics of dancing. Thank you!” C.H.


“We had a blast! The workshop was such fun. Thanks Nikki!” – M.P


“I really enjoyed the workshop, it was great to have a chance to learn and get lots of practice time working with a variety of different moves in a nice setting outside of the usual studio space. And the snacks were a great in between break and refresher!”  D.S.


“Thanks for a great afternoon of Jive!! I thought it was a great session! The instruction and all of the instructors were terrific. My long term memory is indeed starting to pick things up.” L.M.