Join Us For Learn to Dance in a Day Saturday April 20th at 1pm

Leearn to Dance in a Day Beginners Dance

Join us for our Spring Beginners Intensive Modern Jive Dance Workshop – Learn to Dance in a Day! Even if you can’t dance or you’ve just started dancing or you just want a fun afternoon out with some fabulous folks and some awesome music, you want to ensure you join us on Saturday April 20th. […]

30 Fun Beginner Modern Jive Dance Moves

Modern Jive Dancing Couple Jive Nation Toronto

The other aspect is that we focus on fun and enjoyment and having a great social time both in during the teaching class and freestyle practice. We use a very simple step-by-step teaching approach based on lots of repetition. So you’ll find that once you’ve developed your muscle memory you focus less on moves and more on just linking your favourite ones together.

A Conversation with a Beat: How to Dance Modern Jive by Harry

Learn to Dance Modern Jive- Jive Nation Toronto

Want to be the person everyone wants to dance with at Modern Jive?  How do I improve my lead/follow techniques? How do I  build on that feeling of achievement each modern jive dance lesson? What’s the best way to lead my dance partner in modern jive? How do I become a  great dance lead quickly? […]

Modern Jive Dancing Looks Great at Weddings

Engin and Steve's Wedding Day Dance - Modern Jive Shoreram, UK

I found this video through a share from a friend on Twitter. It reminded me of a key reason people take beginner adult dance classes in Toronto – weddings. Some people take up modern jive dancing for their own wedding, others to dance at a wedding.  One thing is for sure…you will probably get invited […]