Class Update January 29 - Modern Jive Weekly Classes on hiatus
Students and clients, thank you for your patience. Due to venue unavailability and other factors and after much consideration we have taken the tough decision to put our weekly classes on hiatus for the time being. We may review this in the Fall. For more details and for what to do if you recently bought vouchers please read this link. Thank you, The Jive Nation Toronto Team

A Great Beginners Intensive – Well Done Modern Jive Dancers!

Learn to Dance in a Day Intensive Beginners Dance Workshop Group

We had a great turnout and it’s especially wonderful to see many men step up to learn to dance, because so often the guys are under represented on the dance floor and at dance classes. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

Why Learn to Dance in a Day Helps You Learn Faster in Your Dance Class

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Class

If you have ever had a desire to dance, now is the time to learn. And now there is a really fast way to get the basics of partner dancing that will help you leap-frog your fellow students in your regular dance class. You can effectively boost your progress in dance classes by taking an afternoon intensive dance workshop. And feel what it’s like to learn to dance in just a day and feel confident enough to take to the [...]

Awesome Intensive Beginner Modern Jive Workshop

Jive Nation Toronto - Learn to Dance in a Day November 19th 2011

Well, what a great time we had at our Intensive Beginner Modern Jive Dance Workshop on Saturday November 19th. It was all the more wonderful as this particular modern jive workshop had to be rescheduled from October. Just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining -  we had a super turnout and a great group on Saturday!

Over the course of four hours on Saturday November 19th the beginner modern jive dancers learned no less than 12 beginner [...]

Modern Jive Beginner Intensive Workshop Video

Modern-Jive-Beginner-Intensive J411-Video-Review

On Saturday June 4th 2011 we held another fun Modern jive Beginner Intensive Workshop. Here is a review of the moves we did... Matt and Nicky dance all 11 beginner moves at speed.

Attendees can use this video as a refresher.

Our beginner dancers did fabulously - learning 11 new beginner modern jive dance moves (plus a couple high end beginner dance moves) is pretty hard work. Congratulations and well done to all our beginner modern jive dancers!

We all had a fun [...]

7 Ways a Modern Jive Beginner Dance Workshop Helps You Learn to Dance


If you’ve just started taking Modern Jive dance classes or you’re thinking of taking dance classes in general you may be concerned about how long it will take you to learn to dance confidently.

In fact one of the  first questions I get from beginner dancers is “How long will it take me to learn to dance?” And that’s before they’ve come to their first dance class!

The answer to “How long will it take me to learn to dance?” [...]