Modern Jive Beginners Dance Review – The Basket

Jive Nation Toronto Dance classes

If you’ve been attending our Toronto jive dance classes you’ll know you get lots of opportunity to practice – including with the teachers. If you ever have questions on any of our dance moves just ask us in class! We’re happy to help.

Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio Records Beginners Modern Jive Dance Video in Toronto

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Classes in Toronto

Last Saturday July 22nd Jive Nation Toronto Dance studio was at the  Second City Training Centre, Toronto to record some modern jive beginner dance video for our Toronto dance class students. We plan  to have the videos available as an additional resource for our budding modern jive dance students who’d like a refresher of dance moves taught during their modern Jive Toronto weekly dance classes.

It was a great afternoon and another first for Jive Nation Toronto. We recorded over fifty [...]

Modern Jive Beginner Intensive Workshop Video

Modern-Jive-Beginner-Intensive J411-Video-Review

On Saturday June 4th 2011 we held another fun Modern jive Beginner Intensive Workshop. Here is a review of the moves we did... Matt and Nicky dance all 11 beginner moves at speed.

Attendees can use this video as a refresher.

Our beginner dancers did fabulously - learning 11 new beginner modern jive dance moves (plus a couple high end beginner dance moves) is pretty hard work. Congratulations and well done to all our beginner modern jive dancers!

We all had a fun [...]

Latest Modern Jive Dance Class Videos

Jive Nation Toronto Site

We upload our latest modern jive dance class videos to the website and YouTube as well as to our Facebook Fan Page. They show a few seconds of the beginner and intermediate dance routines.

Be sure to check them out and review them to see how all the moves are danced and how they flow together. Look out for some tips on how to use our modern jive dance class videos to get better at dancing overall or if you want [...]

Modern Jive Dance Moves April 20

Taryn- Harry at Modern Jive

Our fun modern jive dance routine last week featured some classy  moves that will turn heads on any dance floor. The Beginner moves included The Hatchback, the Cleaver Cross, which is sometimes called the Butterfly and the Man’s Comb. Everyone liked this routine… and I was dancing lead thanks to Matt and Stephanie I could do the Cleaver Cross competently by the end of the class!

Our Intermediate moves this week featured a Ginger Lean and a cool Seducer. Review the [...]

Modern Jive Beginner Dance Moves April 6th

Modern jive dancing

On April 6th we did some familiar modern jive dance moves, including the Secret  Move Flick Spin and First Move.

For the Intermediate Matt and Stephanie did a rather  cool routine in our dance lesson, see if you can spot all the jive moves that flow into each other along with the really fast spins.



Modern Jive Moves Beginner and Intermediate April 6th 2011