Modern Jive Dance Lessons

Our  Thursday Modern Jive Dance lessons are at El Rancho, 430 College St, Toronto. See maps to our location.

Modern Jive dance can best be described as a Jive Salsa fusion as it has elements of both but is much simpler to learn. The Jive Nation method of instruction uses a simple 4 x4 box step and plenty of practice and repetition. This ensures you learn simple yet sophisticated dance moves in weeks not years.

Frequent partner changes during the lesson means you dance with everybody in the room.  At the end of your first modern jive dance lesson you will be able to dance 3-4 moves quite competently. And you’ll have met a bunch of wonderful people too.

Modern Jive is huge fun. Why not give it a try? Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to improve your dancing or simply want to get better at social dancing and meet more people, modern jive has something for everyone. Remember you don’t need a partner to come to a modern jive class. Many of our students come along to class  their own.

Modern Jive Dance Lessons – Thursday, El Rancho, 430 College St (at Bathurst)
7.30pm – Intermediate Lesson
8pm – Beginner Lesson
9.00 pm – Freestyle (Dance practice)

Modern Jive Class Prices

Got questions? Call Nicky on 416-500-3314.