Ballroom Jive on TV

Jive Nation Toronto Does a Ballroom Jive Feature on Cable Pulse 24

On February 7th Jive Nation Toronto did a pre-Valentine day Ballroom jive dancing feature on CP24 Breakfast TV. Modern Jive has several Ballroom dance moves that look really cool and are easy to learn – easier than learning pure Ballroom dancing! We did the ballroom jive dance class at Hearthstone by the Bay, a boutique retirement condo. Check out a clip of the event below.

Please note – as this is a clip kindly recorded (PVR) by a friend the sound quality is far from the best. We are hoping we will get a better quality clip from CP24, and when we do we’ll replace this one. In the meantime, please listen to it with headphones.

Matt,  Stephanie, Harry and Nicky (The Jive Nation Toronto crew) had a great time even though we were up at the crack of dawn on a very snowy morning.  It was a nice group and the story of Sandra and Tibor,  the couple who met at a Valentine’s Ball, is a great testament to going along to a dance event even if you don’t have a partner.  At our modern jive dance lessons and events you don’t need to have a partner to come along and have fun.  So don’t be shy because dancing is a wonderful way to make new friends – and –  who knows what might happen?

The key is – if you’ve come out to dance you will find people who share the same passion for dance as you do. Soyou immediately have something in common.

Jive Nation Toronto Does Ballroom Jive on CP24 for Valentine’s Day