Class Update January 29 - Modern Jive Weekly Classes on hiatus
Students and clients, thank you for your patience. Due to venue unavailability and other factors and after much consideration we have taken the tough decision to put our weekly classes on hiatus for the time being. We may review this in the Fall. For more details and for what to do if you recently bought vouchers please read this link. Thank you, The Jive Nation Toronto Team

Jive Nation Toronto Supports Dancing For Life on May 17 2013


Dancing For Life is a Charity Fund Raiser organized by Matt Craig and friends in honour of his fried who died of cancer at age 25 in 2006. Celebrating his life with a big dance party with all proceeds going to Canadian Cancer Society.

Join Us For Learn to Dance in a Day Saturday April 20th at 1pm

Leearn to Dance in a Day Beginners Dance

Join us for our Spring Beginners Intensive Modern Jive Dance Workshop – Learn to Dance in a Day! Even if you can’t dance or you’ve just started dancing or you just want a fun afternoon out with some fabulous folks and some awesome music, you want to ensure you join us on Saturday April 20th.

The best bit is – you will come away knowing the basics or partner dancing and be able to do at least 5-6 moves yourself. And [...]

Tips for Improving your Lead Technique in Modern Jive

modern-jive-dance lead and follow

Improving your Lead Technique in Modern Jive
What’s more important – knowing dance moves or knowing how to lead them? You may be surprised that they are not the same thing. And though both are important it is actually more important to develop a clear lead than learn tons of dance moves. In fact, from the point of view of the follower it is often better to have a firm lead that the follower can understand even though you may know [...]

Modern Jive Beginners Dance Review – The Basket

Jive Nation Toronto Dance classes

If you’ve been attending our Toronto jive dance classes you’ll know you get lots of opportunity to practice – including with the teachers. If you ever have questions on any of our dance moves just ask us in class! We’re happy to help.

92% Customer Approval Rating for Jive Nation Toronto Dance Classes!

Jive-Nation-Toronto-Groupon-Feedback Dance Classes 2012

Thanks for recommending our dance classes!

Big thanks for the thumbs up  from our Groupon clients. We always get lots of great feedback in and after classes, however it’s great to see this feedback too… Every little helps in spreading the word about our modern jive dance classes and our beginners feedback means a lot to us. Very thrilled.  Thanks to Groupon too for enabling us to introduce more new people to modern jive and social dancing with our latest feature… [...]

Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio Records Beginners Modern Jive Dance Video in Toronto

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Classes in Toronto

Last Saturday July 22nd Jive Nation Toronto Dance studio was at the  Second City Training Centre, Toronto to record some modern jive beginner dance video for our Toronto dance class students. We plan  to have the videos available as an additional resource for our budding modern jive dance students who’d like a refresher of dance moves taught during their modern Jive Toronto weekly dance classes.

It was a great afternoon and another first for Jive Nation Toronto. We recorded over fifty [...]

Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio Creates Confident Dancers

Larry doing the Yo-Yo at Modern Jive

Unlike many other forms of dancing such as Ballroom or Salsa; I have found Modern Jive to be practical and applicable in regular social situations. It is dancing that you can do at any party/wedding/banquet with most people. In fact, many people already know a few moves from Modern Jive without knowing what it is called.