Jive Nation Toronto announces Fall Dance Classes

Jive Nation Toronto Dance classes

Join Jive Nation Toronto for their downtown dance classes. Modern Jive with solid teaching, a modern beat and a Thursday evening social every Thursday at El Rancho, 430 College Street.

10 Reasons Men Should Learn To Dance

have fun dancing modern jive

Suggest dancing to some men and you’re more likely to hear them say “No way, than “Let’s dance.” They are thinking of themselves doing dance floor contortions, and hating the very thought of it – frankly hating the thought of looking at all “dorky”. And with good reason… convinced they’ve no rhythm the thought of anybody watching them “dancing” is enough to make the bravest man break into a cold sweat, resulting in a “you have got to be kidding. [...]

7 Top Benefits of Modern Jive Dance Classes


Modern Jive Dance classes are perfect for exercising without feeling you are exercising. Imagine doing 4 or 5 dance classes and beginning to see results…

Our Modern Jive Summer Boat Cruise

Modern Jive Summer Boat Cruise in July

Ahoy there, Land Lubbers! Join Our Summer Modern Jive Boat Cruise!

We are very excited to announce the first ever  Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Summer Boat Cruise! All Aboard!

If you’ve met any of us modern jivers you will know we just love to get together, have fun make friends and dance.. We generally do that through our dance classes and our regular modern  jive dance socials.  And this summer where better to do all of the above than [...]

Latest Modern Jive Dance Class Videos

Jive Nation Toronto Site

We upload our latest modern jive dance class videos to the website and YouTube as well as to our Facebook Fan Page. They show a few seconds of the beginner and intermediate dance routines.

Be sure to check them out and review them to see how all the moves are danced and how they flow together. Look out for some tips on how to use our modern jive dance class videos to get better at dancing overall or if you want [...]

Come to Saturday Afternoon Jive!

May Afternoon Jive - Jive Nation Toronto

When it comes to modern jive, it’s practice that makes you a great dancer.  In Modern Jive we call our practice time freestyle and it’s a big  part of every modern jive dance class. The other big part is the social aspect. You could say every modern jive dance class is really a big social… where people who love to dance and get together do so every week…picking up some new moves every time.

May 14th is around the corner and [...]