Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Update August

Please remember that Jive Nation Toronto modern Jive classes are on summer break until September 12th and we look forward to seeing you for dancing then. The first Thursday in October will be our Modern Jive Fundamentals, a session where we focus on the basics of lead/follow technique for returning beginner students. The teachers will […]

Modern Jive Dance Classes – Energy on the Dance Floor and Beginner Tips

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Welcome to all our new clients and dancers! Since we’ve been back from Summer holidays it’s been non-stop fun at Jive Nation Toronto dance classes. We’ve said hello to people trying out modern jive for the first time – and discovering how much fun it is. Yes, learning to dance is overwhelming at first – […]

6 Ways to Build Your Dancing Confidence

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Your first few dance lessons are important confidence builders as you are laying the foundations your dancing will build upon. Think of it like learning to drive or learning to ride a bicycle, or learning anything new. Learning requires practice.

Modern Jive Dance Classes – 3 Tips for Leads and Follows


Modern Jive is one of the easiest partner dances to learn. It’s also lots of fun, very social and even a few beginner moves look very cool when you’re doing them in the dance club or at a party. People will often clear the floor for you at weddings if they’ve never seen modern jive […]