Try One Toronto Modern Jive Dance Class for $10

learn to dance modern jive dance classes with jive nation toronto

Try One Modern Jive Dance Class for $10 Missed our last promotion? Would you like to learn to dance? Want to find out how much fun we all have at Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive dance and social every Thursday? Want to learn to dance in less than six months? (yes, you can). Redeem our […]

Tips for Learning to Dance

Modern Jive Dancers

In our Modern Jive class (and in fact in any modern jive class) the teachers will always give you tips on how to get the best from the class and tips for improving your dancing. Even if you are a beginner dancer, with no knowledge of dancing, on coming to a modern jive class you […]

Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio Records Beginners Modern Jive Dance Video in Toronto

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Classes in Toronto

Last Saturday July 22nd Jive Nation Toronto Dance studio was at theĀ  Second City Training Centre, Toronto to record some modern jive beginner dance video for our Toronto dance class students. We planĀ  to have the videos available as an additional resource for our budding modern jive dance students who’d like a refresher of dance […]

Jive Nation Toronto Dance Studio Creates Confident Dancers

Larry doing the Yo-Yo at Modern Jive

Unlike many other forms of dancing such as Ballroom or Salsa; I have found Modern Jive to be practical and applicable in regular social situations. It is dancing that you can do at any party/wedding/banquet with most people. In fact, many people already know a few moves from Modern Jive without knowing what it is called.