Happy New Year and Welcome Back to Modern Jive!

modern jive dance classes at jive nation toronto

We hope everyone had a great Christmas/Holiday break and that you’re raring to brush up your dancing skills or learn some brand new ones. Welcome to modern jive dance classes at Jive Nation Toronto. We are looking forward to meeting our new beginner dancers for the first time and to saying welcome back to dance […]

Dance Classes Toronto – Modern Jive Dance Class Schedule Update

modern jive dance classes Toronto

Dance classes Toronto! Jive Nation Toronto’s Modern Jive dance classes are on Summer recess until September 6th 2012.  We’re getting some R+R as well as dancing up a storm in London UK  at modern jive and Ceroc modern jive dance classes, which will be fun! Wishing all our clients and students a fabulous summer. We […]

30 Fun Beginner Modern Jive Dance Moves

Modern Jive Dancing Couple Jive Nation Toronto

The other aspect is that we focus on fun and enjoyment and having a great social time both in during the teaching class and freestyle practice. We use a very simple step-by-step teaching approach based on lots of repetition. So you’ll find that once you’ve developed your muscle memory you focus less on moves and more on just linking your favourite ones together.

Video of Matt and Ben’s Classical Piano Concert

Matt Craig Plays Liszt, Brahms and Chopin - Classical Concert

Saturday March 3rd was a busy day indeed, especially for our Modern Jive teacher Matt. At 1pm he taught another Intensive beginner modern jive dance workshop, complete with 13 beginner modern jive moves, putting them all together in three great routines. Then, come the evening, Matt and Ben treated us to some amazing music at […]

Photos of Jive Nation Toronto’s Modern Jive Open House

Matt - Modern Jive at Jive Nation Toronto Open House on College.

On Thursday January 5th Jive Nation Toronto held a fantastic Open House event – it was very well attended and great to see  everyone who turned out to take the lesson and dance afterwards. We had a great time… and it was fabulous to see so many come back the following week for another fun […]

Modern Jive Dancing Moves to College St

Learn to dance modern jive in 1012

That’s right folks! Jive Nation Toronto has moved to 430 College Street.  Our classes have now also moved to  Thursdays – which is a great way to kick your weekend off in great style. We’re raring to go for Thursday Jive and are looking forward to teaching more people how to dance in our fun […]