Class Update January 29 - Modern Jive Weekly Classes on hiatus
Students and clients, thank you for your patience. Due to venue unavailability and other factors and after much consideration we have taken the tough decision to put our weekly classes on hiatus for the time being. We may review this in the Fall. For more details and for what to do if you recently bought vouchers please read this link. Thank you, The Jive Nation Toronto Team

Photos of Jive Nation Toronto’s Modern Jive Open House

Matt - Modern Jive at Jive Nation Toronto Open House on College.

On Thursday January 5th Jive Nation Toronto held a fantastic Open House event – it was very well attended and great to see  everyone who turned out to take the lesson and dance afterwards. We had a great time… and it was fabulous to see so many come back the following week for another fun modern jive dance class.

 We captured some great memories of the evening and have already shared some awesome photos of you all [...]

A Conversation with a Beat: How to Dance Modern Jive by Harry

Learn to Dance Modern Jive- Jive Nation Toronto

Want to be the person everyone wants to dance with at Modern Jive?  How do I improve my lead/follow techniques? How do I  build on that feeling of achievement each modern jive dance lesson? What’s the best way to lead my dance partner in modern jive? How do I become a  great dance lead quickly? How can I become an awesome follow?

All  great questions!

If you’re new to modern jive or partner dancing in general tips for getting the best from [...]

How Men Benefit from Modern Jive Dance Classes


Learning to dance is one of the number one ways for single men to meet the woman of their dreams. Though the idea of hitting the dance floor might intimidate a lot of men, taking modern jive dance classes will put them at ease and help them loosen up in social situations. Not only are classes a great place to meet other fun singles, dance students learn to dance and how to impress women with moves on the dance [...]

10 Reasons Men Should Learn To Dance

have fun dancing modern jive

Suggest dancing to some men and you’re more likely to hear them say “No way, than “Let’s dance.” They are thinking of themselves doing dance floor contortions, and hating the very thought of it – frankly hating the thought of looking at all “dorky”. And with good reason… convinced they’ve no rhythm the thought of anybody watching them “dancing” is enough to make the bravest man break into a cold sweat, resulting in a “you have got to be kidding. [...]