Modern Jive dance move reviews from the Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Video Gallery. Great for reviewing your jive dance moves or for learning cool new moves.

Our Modern Jive Dance Video Gallery has a ton of videos and we are always adding videos to our library.  Click the Drop Down arrow in the menu to go to the video page you want.

Use our Modern Jive videos to:

Review any modern jive moves we have taught in class – we record a short clip after every class if we can and they are grouped by month.




Get ideas for new modern jive dance moves to try out on the dance floor at our next event – or your next event!

See how all our basic beginner modern jive dance moves are danced at speed – guys note how the lead is conveying the move to the lady – watch and see if you can practice a particular move in class.

Ladies, watch how the lady waits for the lead and follows without anticipating what he’s going to do… Dancing is very much like a conversation, except it uses music! Enjoy.

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