Modern Jive Dance Videos Sep-Oct 2011

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Video – Memory-Joggers

September – October 2011

Modern Jive Dance Lesson – Memory Jogger October 26th 2011

This week our modern jive memory jogger has the Intermediate first. Three Lady Turns almost Pirouettes) start the Intermediate routine and leads you need to execute this move in such a way that your hands don’t get locked up. You do that by sliding your right hand down the lady’s arm just below her wrist and keeping your left hand up high and stationary. Be careful when you practice this move so that the lady doesn’t get dizzy… limit it to two turns until she’s comfortable with the spins then you can add a third if she’s ok with it.  The Reverse Walking Pretzel is very cool – again leads your lead needs to be firm so the lady makes that quick turn out. There’s no break in the walking.  Good job everyone.

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Modern Jive Dance lesson – Memory Jogger, October 19th.

I’m getting asked every week now… when are the videos going up?! Glad they are helpful, keep watching and remember you can also see them on Jive Nation Toronto’s  Facebook Page

So this week we did quite a challenging beginner dance lesson with the Wurlitzer Astaire Lean and an American Spin Exit, followed by a Yo-Yo. Modern Jive is known for its graceful leans and dips and seducers… they are a little more challenging but well worth mastering as they have a very high “wow” factor when done correctly. Tip for any lean – leads you must maintain great upright posture, and prepare  for the lean so the lady is comfortable, a lean is what we call a “trust move”. Avoid rushing into a lean, or the lady will not be happy – and won’t be willing to go into the lean. Ensure you you have contact from hip to ankle to your feet. Watch Matt very carefully as he executes the lean – he doesn’t involve his back or torso and he is always upright, simply giving a slight bend of the knee to do the lean. Try practicing at home without a partner.

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Modern Jive Dance lesson – Memory Jogger, October 12th.

Where we feature some basic and fun modern jive dance moves, including the Swizzle, the Octopus and First Move. The First Move is a very versatile modern jive dance move with many variations and exits; it never fails to look good.  Tip: It requires a good strong lead men so no wimpy arms – lead the lady in all aspects of this move. Ladies, as always, wait for the lead as anticipating can throw off the timing. A very stylish move.

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Modern Jive Dance Lesson Memory Jogger – October 5th.

Featuring the First Move Push Spin Figure of Eight and Catapult. Lots of beginners this week and they all did very well with what’s a rather tricky routine if you are new to modern jive, however these moves look very impressive and with practice are very easy to master – like most modern jive moves.  Remember to use these videos to review frequently – they will help you build up your moves repertoire.

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Modern Jive Dance Lesson Memory Jogger for September 28th!

We learned the Basket, Two-handed Travelling Returns, The Hallelujah – a great move for un-crossing hands (I first learnedthis simple, yet stylish modern jive move at my Ceroc classes in England years ago and it’s also called the Fan) the Slide Break and the Lady Spin. Use our videos as memory joggers once you’ve attended a class to review all the evening’s moves. Watch them repeatedly to add new moves to your repertoire. Aim to master and practice a couple modern jive of moves a week.

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Modern Jive Beginners  Dance Lesson Review – September 21 -2011

Featuring the the U-Turn, I-Turn, Man Break Thru ( a nice transition move) and the Springer – which always looks cool when you do it, especially at the club! Remember to use these modern jive dance videos as memory-joggers for when you have been to your modern jive class. And as always the key to becoming a confident dancer is – doing the freestyle after each class and practicing your dancing

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Modern Jive Beginners  Dance Lesson Review – September 14-2011. This week we featured the First Move, The Wurlitzer/American Spin Exit and the Yo-Yo, popular and basic Modern Jive dance moves. Watch the video frequently and practice yourself – and you’re set!

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Beginner Modern Jive Lesson – September 7th 2011,  Beginner Walk Thru with a short clip of the Intermediate routine.

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