Modern Jive Dance Videos Nov-Dec 2011

Jive Nation Toronto Modern Jive Dance Video – Memory-Joggers

November – December 2011

December 7th 2011 Modern Jive Dance Moves Memory Jogger – How to Dance!

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We had a lot of fun learning our Intermediate Modern Jive dance routine this week. It is a good example of how some basic beginner dance moves can be turned into a deceptively simple routine. Modern Jive is known for lots of spins for the ladies and Accordion turns and spins are very fun to do. All the moves require a very strong lead from the guys… if the guys are at all wussy about the lead the moves don’t work as the lady won’t know where to move to and will be unable to execute the spins. The ladies can enjoy this routine, if it’s led well it tends to “happen” by itself. However the lady (follow does need the lead’s momentum to go into the spins… again back to the moves needing a strong lead – and plenty of practice. You can spot a Pretzel, a First Move Sway variation, Accordion Spins and a neat Hal-Nelson. Once we found our momentum it was a great routine to do. Beginner Routine features some of our basic modern jive dance moves – including the Yo-Yo and Man Break Thru.

November 30th 2011 Modern Jive Dance Moves Memory Jogger

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Here we do the YoYo, Octopus and Secret Move Flick SPin for Beginners and a really cool Intermediate routine, which, once you get seems to simply “unfold.” Among the Intermediate moves is a variation of a First Move called a Walk Around, a Backhander, Double Lady Turns and Pirrouette and Double Accordion Turns, And we have fun with the shimmy.  A fun routine!

November 23rd 2011  Modern Jive Dance Recap/Memory Jogger

Where we feature the Octopus, Teapot Walk and Wrist Throwaway and for the Intermediate the Octopus Octo Man Turn and Accordion Hip Sway. This routine was a real hit with everyone – with some practice in the Freestyle it was all coming together for our beginners. We hadn’t done the Teapot Walk for a while – it’s a move that looks very cool on the dance floor as it looks quite effortless and the ladies can style up the walks if they like.  There is a lot happening in the Intermediate routine and it’s a very quick series of moves – reprising a variation of the Octopus and the Hip Sway is a cool stylish move for the ladies – men really need to have a clear lead of this entire routine, no waffling and give the lady time to hold the pose for a couple of beats.

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November 9th Modern Jive Dance Recap – From Jive Nation Toronto’s modern jive video library

As we didn’t record last Wednesday’s moves (ran out of time) have a watch of one of our most popular modern jive videos,  featuring Matt and Nicky doing 13 basic beginner moves in 3 routines. This clip is a recap of one of our earlier Modern Jive Beginner Intensive workshops and includes the Comb, Catapult, Back Pass and several other beginner moves. Matt talks through each of the moves as we dance them at speed. The video is already on the website – this link is on YouTube so you can also download and watch at your leisure.


Modern Jive Dance Lesson – Memory Jogger November 2nd 2011

This week our Modern Jive Beginner routine features  three simple moves that always look good on the dance floor – Underarm Walk Thru, Wrist Throwaway and a variation on a Yo-Yo called the Lazy Ariel Yo-Yo and the Back Pass.  The Back Pass is a great move for changing hands from left to right to left in any part of a routine.

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