Modern Jive Videos 2012

How to Dance Modern Jive Video Memory-Joggers

We’ve had so many requests from our Modern Jive students for our popular jive dance-class memory-jogger modern jive videos that I’ve decided to put together a video set of all the beginner modern jive moves along with some improver and intermediate. This will be a future project with more details to come. In the mean time I’ll be posting up some of our earlier archive videos here on the website for students to view the moves we’ve done in class. They are all available on our YouTube channel as well. Some are walk-throughs and others are “dance-throughs.”  Please note that these videos are memory joggers only and are intended for students who have attended a modern jive dance class with Jive Nation Toronto and wish to review the moves.


In this video Matt and Nicky demo the First Move Flick Spin, Yo-Yo, Cleaver Cross and Lady Spin.


In this beginner modern jive video we reprise the Arm Jive, Man Break Thru, Half Neck-Brake and Sway. The Arm Jive is a basic modern jive beginner dance move and you can as usual mix these moves up in any order and with any number of other modern jive dance moves.


Our Beginner Modern Jive routine here featured the Wurlitzer Astaire Lean, then American Spin to exit the lady. We added a Yo-Yo variation – the Lazy Arial Yo-Yo and a Secret Move Flick Spin and Half Windmill.  We’ll be doing more Secret move variations in class so look out for them, they look very cool and are very easy once you know how they work. The beginner modern jive dance moves go from simple moves to flowing stylish dance routines, so that even knowing how to do 4-5 will give you a great feeling of accomplishment.